Jewelry, especially necklaces, are essential accessories that can elevate any outfit. However, there's a common issue many of us face - necklaces that hang too long. This can disrupt the balance of an ensemble but worry not. If you're wondering how to shorten a necklace, this guide will walk you through several DIY necklace adjustment techniques that will ensure your favorite pieces align perfectly with your style.

Tools and Materials You'll Need

Before diving into how to shorten a necklace, it's essential to prepare your toolkit. As with any DIY necklace adjustment project, having the right tools at your disposal will not only make the task easier but also safer for your jewelry. Here's what you'll need:

How to Shorten a Necklace: Easy DIY Techniques and Tips


Pliers: These are a must-have for any jewelry-making task. They're primarily used for opening and closing jump rings or clasps.

Wire Cutters: These will come in handy when you need to cut through chain links. Ensure they're sharp enough to make a clean cut.

Jump Rings: These small, circular metal rings serve as connectors in jewelry. You'll use these to attach your clasp to the chain.

Clasps: If you're cutting off the original clasp, you'll need a new one to replace it. There are various types available, so you can choose one that matches your necklace's style.

Measuring Tape: This is crucial for accurate measurements. You'll need it to determine how much shorter you want your necklace to be, thus achieving the perfect fit.

Jewelry-making Crimps: If you're dealing with a beaded necklace, these tiny pieces will help secure the beads on the string.

Techniques on How to Shorten a Necklace

Adjusting a Chain Necklace

Chain necklaces are among the most common types, and thankfully, they're fairly easy to adjust. Here's how:

Measuring the Desired Length: First, decide how much shorter you want your necklace to be. Use a measuring tape to get a precise measurement, and mark the spot where you'll cut the chain. Click to learn how to measure a necklace

Removing Excess Chain Links: Here's where your wire cutters come into play. Carefully cut the chain at the marked spot, ensuring not to damage any other links.

Adding a New Clasp: With your pliers, open a jump ring and thread it through the last link of your shortened chain. Then, add the clasp to the jump ring, and use the pliers to close it securely. And voila! You've successfully shortened your chain necklace.

Shortening a Beaded Necklace

Working with beaded necklaces can be slightly more complex due to the additional elements involved. But with a bit of patience, you'll manage just fine:

Removing Beads: Start by cutting off the clasp and carefully removing the beads from the string. Be sure to keep them in the same order if you want to maintain the original design.

Re-Stringing the Necklace: Next, decide how many beads you need to remove to achieve your desired length. Once done, re-string the remaining beads onto the necklace string.

Securing with Jewelry Crimps: To secure the beads at both ends, use jewelry crimps. Finally, attach a new clasp, and your beaded necklace is now shortened.

Using a Necklace Shortener

If you'd rather not alter your necklace permanently, a necklace shortener is a fantastic tool:

Types of Necklace Shorteners: Necklace shorteners come in various styles, from the more subtle to the decorative. Some resemble small brooches, while others look like intricate clasps, adding an extra touch of elegance to your jewelry.

How to Attach a Shortener: Using a necklace shortener is straightforward. Simply loop your necklace through the shortener and fasten it, creating a new, shorter loop of the necklace. This is a great option as it doesn't require any permanent alterations to the necklace.

Knotting a Long Necklace

Knotting is a fun, creative, and non-permanent way to shorten a necklace. It works best with longer, thinner chains and adds a unique touch to your jewelry.

Creative Knotting Techniques: There are numerous ways to knot your necklace. You could go for a simple overhand knot, a figure-eight knot for more complexity, or even a series of small knots along the length of the necklace for a boho-chic look.

How to Secure a Knot: Once you've made your knot, make sure to secure it tightly. However, be careful not to make it too tight, as you'll want to be able to undo it later without damaging the necklace.

Tips for a Perfect Fit

Adjusting your necklace length isn't just about practicality; it can also elevate your style. Here are some tips for ensuring a perfect fit:

How to measure a necklace?

Choosing the Right Necklace Length for Your Outfit: Different outfits call for different necklace lengths. For instance, a crew neck might pair well with a shorter necklace, while a v-neck could be enhanced by a longer chain.

Caring for Your Newly Shortened Necklace: After adjusting your necklace, make sure to store it carefully to maintain its new shape. Hang it up or lay it flat to prevent any kinks or knots from forming.



With these easy techniques at your disposal, you're now equipped with the knowledge of how to shorten a necklace you're one step closer to having the ideal jewelry collection. You can adjust, alter, and play with lengths until each piece is just right for you. No longer do you need to tolerate ill-fitting necklaces or avoid purchasing certain designs due to length issues. So, embrace the flexibility and creativity that comes with DIY necklace adjustment.

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How to Shorten a Necklace: FAQs

How to make a necklace shorter?

You could use a tiny safety pin.

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How long is an average necklace?

The length of an average necklace could be 16-inches to 18-inches (or 24-inches), depending on preference and the size of one’s neck.

Apparently, the chart forgot about 16-inch necklaces. That is the length of a presentation chain, or the chain that comes with a pendant.

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