"Established in 2019, TEWIKY is a brand that offers exquisite fashion jewelry for women. With customers in several countries, including the USA, Canada, and Mexico, TEWIKY has served hundreds of thousands of customers cumulatively through both Amazon and its own website."

Our Vision

"At TEWIKY, we attach great importance to user experience. We are committed to providing you with jewelry that not only meets the latest fashion trends but also satisfies your needs in different usage scenarios, whether it's for work, travel, or gift-giving. You can find jewelry that resonates with you at TEWIKY!"


Our products are made by professional artisans to ensure high quality and unique design.


We cooperate with the source factory and have strict control over the price and quality of raw materials to ensure that we can provide you with economic and high quality jewelry.


TEWIKY is committed to serving you better. 2019 to date, TEWIKY has received more than 10,000 quality reviews on Amazon and the brand's website.