Four ways to help you avoid knots in your necklace:

  1. Wear Necklaces of Different Lengths
  2. Mix Different Weights of Necklaces
  3. Mix and Match Necklaces with Different Widths of Chains
  4. Sprinkle Some Baby Powder or Cornstarch on the Jewelry

Two Tricks for Storing Your Necklaces without Any Tangles:

  1. Use Straws to Store Your Necklaces
  2. Use a Jewelry Case Designed Exclusively for Layered Necklaces

Hey there, fellow layered necklace lovers, I totally get it --- dealing with tangled and knotted chains can be such a buzzkill when you're trying to accessorize in a hurry. But don't worry, I've got your back and can help you keep your necklaces from getting tangled!

In this article, I'm going to share some of my favorite tips for keeping your layered necklaces looking neat and tidy and help you how to store them avoiding tangling.

Why Do Necklaces Get Tangled?

Let's start with the problem at hand: why do layered necklaces tend to tangle so easily? The answer is pretty simple - each chain moves independently of the others, causing them to twist and turn and inevitably become tangled. And if you're working with longer chains, they're even more prone to getting caught up with one another.

How To Keep Necklaces From Tangling While Wearing Them?

1. Wear necklaces of different lengths to keep layered necklaces from tangling

As you arrange your necklaces, begin with the smallest and work your way up to the longest. The chains won't have as much chance to entangle this way.

TEWIKY-Bolg_How to keep necklaces from tangling-layered necklace

If you want to learn how to choose the right length of necklace for you, please refer to this article on How to Measure a Necklace

2. Mix different weights of necklaces to keep necklaces from tangling hack

Experiment with mixing and matching necklaces with various chain widths. If all of your necklaces have thin chains, they are more likely to tangle. However, adding a thicker-chain necklace can help keep the smaller chains apart and prevent tangling.

3. Mix and match necklaces with different widths of chains

When layering necklaces, it's vital to keep the weight of each piece in mind. Layering smaller necklaces over heavier ones can help distribute the weight more evenly and minimize tangling with heavier necklaces, which are more likely to twist and turn.

4. Sprinkle some baby powder or cornstarch on the jewelry

Finally, you might try dusting your jewelry with a little baby powder or cornstarch. Simply dust each chain with a little powder before layering necklaces, which can prevent tangling.

How to keep necklaces from tangling when stored?

Don't worry if you struggle to keep your tangled necklaces organized; there are a few options available.

1. Use straws to store your necklaces

To keep your necklaces separated from one another, a typical way is to use straws. Putting your necklaces in the straws will effectively protect the chains from tangling.

2. Use a jewelry case designed exclusively for layered necklaces

Another alternative is to use a jewelry case designed exclusively for layered necklaces. These cases usually contain several hooks or compartments to keep each necklace distinct from the others. Furthermore, they let you see all of your necklaces at once, allowing you to easily decide which ones to wear.

Final Words

With these tips and tricks, you can finally bid adieu to tangled and knotted necklaces for good!

Don't be hesitant to experiment with different layering combinations and designs, and take advantage of the adaptability and flair that layered necklaces can add to any outfit.

With these tricks up your sleeve, you can confidently wear your necklaces without worrying about them turning into a tangled mess.

So go ahead and give them a try, and enjoy your tangle-free layered necklaces!

How to keep necklaces from tangling FAQS

How to Keep Necklaces from Tangling While Traveling?

When traveling and packing jewelry, use plastic straws to keep necklaces/bracelets from becoming tangled into a giant knot. Just feed the end of the chain through a straw and clasp shut.                                              

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How to Keep Multiple Necklaces from Tangling?

Got tired of my necklaces tangling so I designed and printed myself a little wall organizer!

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How to Untangle Necklaces?

I have an extending architectural (or sewing) lamp with a magnifying lens. I put the tangled piece under this, then use two straight pins to untangle it.

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